SWCOLT 2023 has ended
This is the official program for SWCOLT/UFLA 2023.
Join us Friday and Saturday, February 24 & 25, 2023 at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Pre-conference workshops are scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 2023.
Register for the conference and reserve a hotel room at this link: Information & Registration.

Wifi information:
Network: Marriott_Conference
Password: encore66

If you will be driving to SWCOLT 2023, please be aware of the following:

The daily parking fee is $5 for conference attendees. Park in the Marriott garage and come to the Registration area for SWCOLT. Uou will receive a voucher in the hotel. When you are ready to leave at the end of the day, pay for parking at the kiosk located next to the elevators in the hotel lobby--before going to your car. Do not go to your car first and attempt to use the voucher to pay upon exiting the garage.

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Thursday, February 23

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Friday, February 24

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Saturday, February 25

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Avalanche Presentation: Family in the L2 Class: Overcoming Communicative Challenges Skylight BallroomMiguel Hernandez Avalanche Presentation: Get Going: Routines and Daily Activities to Build on Language Skylight BallroomJessica Bell’Aver Avalanche Presentation: The Positive Impact of Effective Homework on Language Learners Skylight BallroomConsuelo Quijano Avalanche Presentation: Tips for Developing Learners' Global Compentencies Skylight BallroomJoe Terantino Avalanche Presentation: Ways to Use a Highly Advanced Level Authentic Text in the Spanish Classroom Skylight BallroomMatthew Smith Adoption and Creation of Open Educational Resources in L2 Teaching SolitudeIsabel Asensio • Electra Gamón Fielding • John Trimble Applying LETRS Fundamentals in a Dual Immersion Classroom Salon IEliane (Lily) Bueno • Roberta Loftus Best of Hawaii: White Rock, Gray Rock Salon HWill Smith Challenges And Solutions on Language Teaching in Post-Pandemic Time Deer Valley 3Yuhang Cheng (TFES) • Yuqiao Wang Developing Future Global Citizens through Interculturality Deer Valley 1Alexis Buschert • Wayside Publishing Focus on Form in Beginning Language Classes Deer Valley 2Phia James • Teresa Bell • Micah Harps • Jarom Hickenlooper • Erika Kohler • Maria Lyon • Elisabeth Nelson • Richard Robertson Go For The Gold! Create a World-Class Language Program with Proficiency Data and a Focus on What Works Park CityRoger Burt • Bonnie Peterson Heritage Language Learners and the Language Classroom Salon JSpencer Hadlock High School Summer Abroad & the Benefits of Studying Abroad as a High School Student Salon AHector Piedra Lugo • Jasmin Nuñez How to Achieve Student Intermediate Fluency in 100 Hours Salon GBlaine Ray • Von Ray The Secrets to Unlocking Student’s Vocabulary Retention Salon BJohnny Hill • Chad Kennedy

9:15am MST

Avalanche Presentation: Alpine Culture: Interdisciplinary Connections and Studying Abroad at Home Skylight BallroomCass Morgan • Kacy Peckenpaugh Avalanche Presentation: Building 21st Century Skills through the Filming of Documentaries Skylight BallroomAme Cividanes Avalanche Presentation: How to Use Corpus Data to Practice the Verb Gostar in Portuguese Skylight BallroomMarcela Lopes da Silva Avalanche Presentation: Protecting the Environment while Learning Spanish Skylight BallroomGabriela Dongo-Arévalo A Map to Proficiency: Using Thinking Maps in DLI Salon IKaren Mariette Piovesan Gini • Mikaela Peixoto Achieving National Board Certification as a World Language Teacher Park CityErin Austin Best of New Mexico: Re-hashin' Krashen: What Do We Really Need to Learn a Language? Salon HCathy Gamble Creating Authentic Learning Experiences through Local Communities Salon JLitien Campbell • Jiashu Lei Equity & Inclusion: Foundational Executive Skills for the World Language Classroom Salon ASara Lee • Melanie Mello Getting a Good Look at the IMAGE Model for Cultural Instruction Deer Valley 3Michael Davis Getting Back to Proficiency Deer Valley 2Ken Stewart • Vista Higher Learning Let's Increase L2 Proficiency through Comprehensible Input Reading Strategies SolitudeMelanie Malan • Andrea Schwartz Proficiency-Centered Activities Salon BPaul Erwin • Cami Wilding The Acquisition of Cultural Competence in the Spanish Bridge Classroom Deer Valley 1Juan Carlos Fernandez • Keri Gonzalez • Javier Berzal Rojo The Smartest Person in the Room is the Room Salon GGreta Lundgaard

10:15am MST

11:00am MST

Avalanche Presentation: Building Spanish Proficiency through Radio Ambulante and the Lupa App Skylight BallroomElizabeth Warren Avalanche Presentation: Hosting a Language Celebration to Recruit Future Language Learners Skylight BallroomLaDonna Gustafson • Shelah Miner • Say Eow Quah Avalanche Presentation: Notebooks - A Students' Guide Skylight BallroomRubi Perez Avalanche Presentation: STEM en Español Skylight BallroomCarlos A Irizarry A Sensory Exploration of Language and Culture Salon JMaria Teresa Moinette • Madison Rubino ACTFL Teacher of the Year: NOVUM INITIUM: Building Proficiency in World Language Classrooms Salon AWilliam Lee • ACTFL Best of Nevada: Hear It Today, Use It Tomorrow Salon HMelissa Carson • Rachel Tillotson Creating an Organized and Effective Canvas Course Salon BEmilynn Bleazard Creating Interactive Digital Notebooks Park CityJanice Lafarga Fun in the L2 Classroom: Enhancing Engagement and Developing Language Acquisition through Storytelling Deer Valley 3Jean Chang Language Connects Foundation: A Bold Vision to Elevate the Language Education Profession Deer Valley 2Erin Whelchel Planning for Proficiency - When Language Targets Become Activities Salon IRaquel Scariot Spanish in Action! Promote Student Engagement and Proficiency Deer Valley 1Rich Sayers • Savvas Learning Company The Tip of the Iceberg: Exploring culture through Products, Practices and Perspectives in the Target Language Salon GAshli Sambaluk The Updated ACTFL Standards for Language Teacher Preparation SolitudeTeresa Bell

12:00pm MST

1:30pm MST

Avalanche Presentation: Accuracy or Fluency, a Continuing Debate on Dual Immersion Chinese Teaching Skylight BallroomGloria Yang • Alex Yuan Avalanche Presentation: Getting Students Excited about House Vocabulary!! Skylight BallroomLindsey Nielson Avalanche Presentation: Pinyin Facilitation or Hindrance of Character Acquisition for Beginning Chinese Learners Skylight BallroomYung Wei Wang Avalanche Presentation: The Telenovela as Pedagogical Material: Stimulating Creative Thinking and Role-Playing in Spanish through Group Scriptwriting and Acting Skylight BallroomErik Garabaya Casado • Jorge Vargas Mutizabal Avalanche Presentation: ¿Tienes algún super poder para formar parte de la familia Madrigal, Encanto? Skylight BallroomJose Hernandez • Majo Spencer Best of California: Addressing Contemporary Life and Global Challenges in Japan Salon HSusan Watson Creativity in a Crunch: Simple Strategies & Successful Activities Salon GCherice Montgomery How to Elevate Proficiency: Mastering Differentiation Deer Valley 3Darcy Rogers • Organic World Language How to Improve Students' Classroom Participation: Cooperative Learning Activities in the DLI Classroom Salon JYi Yang Increasing Student ASL Proficiency through Immersive Language Activities Salon BAlison Watkins Language and Culture--Sprinkle It Like Glitter Park CityTristin West Language's a Great Balancing Act! Balancing Explicit Grammar Instruction with a Communicative Learning Approach Deer Valley 2Ana Paula Marquez Lavine Nearpod as a Teaching Tool (Flipgrid, Sway, and other apps) Salon AFausto Guerrero Plus, S’il Vous Plaît: Creating Curricula and Groups for Advanced DLI Students Salon IElisabeth Guyon Promoting Higher Levels of Proficiency Using Current Event Panels SolitudeLaura Catharine Smith “That’s wrong Spanish” or “That’s language variation”? Promoting Spanish Language Learning Investment through Critical Language Awareness Deer Valley 1Claudia Louis

2:45pm MST

Avalanche Presentation: A Discussion on How to Teach the Small Articles in Chinese: A Case Study Based on “了“, and Other Common Ones Skylight BallroomGloria Yang • Alex Yuan Avalanche Presentation: Engagement through Pop Culture: What Your Students WANT to Talk About Skylight BallroomTristan Boyce Avalanche Presentation: Practice with a Purpose: Social Impact Projects in the Language Classroom - CANCELLED Skylight BallroomJuliana Suby Avalanche Presentation: The Current State of Women in the Academy Skylight BallroomJulie Damron A Resource for Developing Authentic Teaching Materials for the DLI Classroom Salon IElnaz Kia Five Tech Tools to Engage Learners in the Foreign Language Classroom Salon JSandra Valdajos From Culture Day to Daily Culture: Teaching Culture & Language Simultaneously Salon GSharon Gracia How to Effectively Conduct a Proficiency Interview & Why; Review Parts of the Interview Salon BJanelle Bullock How to Get students to Overcome Their Fear of Speaking in the Target Language with Task-Based Learning Salon ASara Stefanich • Klett Word Languages Ideas for Maintaining and Improving Your Language & Cultural Proficiency After Decades of Teaching Spanish 1 Deer Valley 1Nieves Knapp • Yvette Rivera No Shame, No Blame. Language Proficiency Attrition is Real: A Plan to Counteract Deer Valley 3Céline Rose • Chantal Thompson Principles Learned from Emergency Live Remote Delivery Language Instruction Park CityTeresa Bell • Jarom Hickenlooper Student Centered Activities for Collaborative Learning Deer Valley 2Katie Marin

4:00pm MST

Avalanche Presentation: 4 Steps to Transform Textbook Dialogues into Engaging Narratives Skylight BallroomMegan Scarlet Keys Avalanche Presentation: Conversation Connections: Micro-Immersion through Conversation Groups - CANCELLED Skylight BallroomJessica Wood Avalanche Presentation: Developing Proficiency through Creative Writing Skylight BallroomMariana Bahtchevanova Avalanche Presentation: Increasing Student Engagement through Task Cards and Games Skylight BallroomBreAnn Busboom Avalanche Presentation: Survival Signs Poster Skylight BallroomElisha Jones ASL Teacher Follow-up Salon B Assessing Intercultural Communication Competence in Immersion Programs Salon IAlynne Makiyama Silva Best of Utah: Enhancing Interculturality and Oral Skills in a Writing Course Salon Hanne lair • Anne Lair Beyond the Book Deer Valley 2Tiina Watts • Maren Mecham Get Your Movie On. Join a Demonstration of Movie Talk and Discover How You Can Engage Even the Lowest Levels of Language Learners Park CityCindy Hogan Sandwiching Grammar and Content in a Language Class: A Menu of Strategies SolitudeEmmanuel Collins-Peynaud • Kerrie Neu Skyrocketing Your Class Engagement: Contemporary Issues through ADS Deer Valley 1Ingrid Campos • Chantal Esquivias Step by Step Instructions for Meaningful Language Outcomes Salon JMarty Chen • Juan Sun • Shangke Zhang To Correct or Not to Correct Students in the L2 Classroom. That Is the Question. Deer Valley 3Ana Yslas Why Do We Celebrate? Elevating Interculturality through an In-Depth Exploration of Celebrations Salon GLiz Matchett

5:30pm MST


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